Blockchain or Classical Database?

Over the past year, Swan has received more and more projects requiring the implementation of Blockchain technology. As a result, we have gained experience and first-hand knowledge about it, along with a question: Is Blockchain really so impeccable or are there any hidden pitfalls? We decided to figure it out. Fundamental Differences The difference between […]

Inhouse Development Vs. Outsourcing Software: A Tale of Two Approaches

When you embark on the journey of commissioning or creating a custom software solution, the questions don’t stop after the initial decision. Perhaps the biggest question at this point in time is: Should we explore ways to do this inhouse, or should we try outsourcing software? To complicate the matter, it is rarely a clear-cut […]

The Struggle of Scheduling Software Developers

Software developers sometimes seem to speak a different language than the rest of the business world. From optimal working hours to after-hours parties and preferred environments, it’s a different way of working than business tradition teaches. One of the chief points of contention between developers and the rest of the business world can be time […]

The “Why” Behind Swan Custom Software

Here at Swan Software Solutions, we love creating software. Many people do. Some people create it for themselves, some create solutions for a typical problem set people are facing, and some people create tailored software for specific needs. We’ve covered the pros and cons of off the shelf ‘solutions’ before here. Hopefully, that has taken […]

Data-Driven Results: Why They Matter

The world has always been full of data and data users. From plants turning to meet the sun, to animals avoiding polluted springs, to a child tentatively taking his first steps, data drives our decisions. Data collection from the information around us and making decisions with it has led us to this current day and […]

Software Trends Worth Following and Why

It’s July! The weather is beautiful, the birds are singing over the blooming flowers, and the predicted software trends at the beginning of the year have had time to prove their worth. Or slip away quietly, as the case may be. Here are five software trends that are worth your time and energy even more […]