Staying Agile: The Swan Journey

From the beginning of time, every person has longed for a silver bullet for something. In the world of software, particularly in the world of developing software, silver bullets are almost real. Different solutions rapidly arise, each displaying the same bright promise. A few are snake oil solutions, many have some value, and some are […]

The Soft Skill Side of Software Development

Software development may at times seem to be solely focused on capitalizing on hard skill sets.  It’s what programmers study (some incessantly) and what hiring managers are looking for on resumes. The software world buzzes with news about new hard skills to have, poor execution of such knowledge, and the amazing advances that are possible. […]

Why Outsource to Ukraine

The rise of technology and communication across the globe means that outsourcing your software development could be done almost anywhere in the world. From talent next door to teams on a completely different time zone, a solution is available to everyone. However, not all software solutions are equal. Outsourcing to India vs. outsourcing to  Ukraine […]

Agile in Real Time: Why It Works

The software world has firmly decided that the Agile method is here to stay. Numerous big companies proudly proclaim it’s use, articles expound on the theory and the buzz has settled to a background beat for many teams. But how many small teams actually explain how they make the Agile method work for them? The […]

Finding Your Software Solution

At some point in time, almost everyone was taught or discovered that when you put two and two together, you had four items. Simple, if you had two sets of two items. As people grow and learn more and more, problems grew accordingly. Things expanded, changed unexpectedly, or became rigid and difficult. Finding a software […]

Discovering What You Need

Everyone is familiar with the lurking feeling than they need a change of some sort, whether at the office or at home. Sometimes, the problem shows the solution needed all of a sudden, (i.e. when the dishwasher floods the kitchen) and sometimes it is not at all clear what is required in order to solve […]