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We can outsource the project or act as a scalable-and-affordable extension of your team

"We’ve worked with Swan for over 3 years. They have consistently demonstrated the ability to create out of the box solutions, which is why Swan is our go-to outsourcing partner. "

Tony Ray, Vice President of Software Engineering

Tony Ray,

Vice President of Software Engineering

"For over 13 years Swan has done an excellent job of helping us serve our customers better. We are proud to have Swan as our technical partner and look forward to our continued relationship."

Brian Kelly, Owner

Brian Kelly,


"I know when I need development work that I can go to Swan because I trust that I will get the high-quality code I need."

Ilya Rekhter, Co-Founder & CEO

Ilya Rekhter,

Co-Founder & CEO

"The Swan Software Solutions team has been truly professional at all stages of our project, and I believe that this will carry you far in your relationship with all of your clients."

Harris Turner, Founder

Harris Turner,


"I’ve worked with Swan on many projects, with multiple companies, over the last five years. I keep coming back to the Swan team for their consistency, quality, and affordability."

Mack Earnhardt Jr., Product Engineering

Mack Earnhardt Jr.,

Product Engineering

"We value and appreciate our partnership with SWAN – you are a part of our success! "

Don Scifres, Chief Operating Officer

Don Scifres,

Chief Operating Officer

"Over the past 10 + years Swan has developed an entire software solution including complex integration with multiple hardware components. We are continually impressed by their expertise and the quality of their work."

Rick Barretto, Owner

Rick Barretto,


"We’ve worked with Swan on multiple projects now and they continue to be a reliable partner. Swan has been an excellent team to work with through every step of the process."

Emilio Pacheco, President

Emilio Pacheco,


"Because of the work Swan has done for us we have one of the best web applications in the industry, resulting in both compliments and referral requests. The Swan team is definitely the best team we have ever worked with. They have done a great job for us!"

Alyona Yakovleva-Randall, Founding Artistic Director

Alyona Yakovleva-Randall,

Founding Artistic Director

"We needed a high-quality custom application and Swan delivered what has now grown into a full Saas product. Their work continues to allow us to better serve our customers."

Jeremy Reymer, Founder & CEO

Jeremy Reymer,

Founder & CEO

"Swan Software Solutions, LLC's team has been truly professional at all stages of our project, and I believe that this will carry you far in your relationship with all of your clients."

Matt Geise, Vice President

Matt Geise,

Vice President

"I would like to say, "THANK YOU, SWAN!" for the excellent service you have provided us, working across different time zones, to ensure that we met our deadlines on time! The diversity and creativity of the developers at Swan Software Solutions, LLC has been an ongoing asset."

Michael Pinsker, Founder, CEO, Chairman

Michael Pinsker,

Founder, CEO, Chairman

"I have worked with a number of overseas firms in the past 20 years. In my opinion Swan succeeds where many of these others have failed. By giving customer service such a high priority, they consistently over deliver."

Pierre Swartvagher, SVP

Pierre Swartvagher,


""Swan Software Solutions in Carmel was a long time partner of Realync's and was there from the ground up. High-quality engineering and very agile and willing to partner with early companies to make things happen. "

Matt Weirich, Founder & CEO

Matt Weirich,

Founder & CEO


When you partner with Swan, you partner with a company with a 13-year history of high performance. We are headquartered in Carmel, Indiana.


We offer full-time-equivalent developers for when you are growing and need to hire, but you don’t know ‘how many’ or for ‘how long.’ You can build your team with us and scale up or down month-to-month to closely manage your resources and control your costs - we act as an extension of your team and are totally dedicated and committed to you.


Our prices are about one-third of typical U.S. market rates. Pricing - combined with a fully integrated QA process and leveraging the full power of an agile scrum delivery model - makes Swan the ideal partner.

Technologies We Use


Full JS Stack

NodeJS for the back-end and ReactJS/AngularJS/EmberJS for the front-end



Open source Ruby on Rails framework for web applications and APIs



Enterprise level applications, Big Data processing



Microsoft framework for desktop and cloud web applications development on C#



Responsive design, using AngularJS, ReactJS and other latest technologies


React Native

React Native framework for cross-platform mobile development



The most commonly used mobile operating system in the world


The most commonly used mobile operating system in the United States

Our Engagement Process



We collaborate with you and begin to build the Product Backlog Item list. There is no better way than to jump into the process and begin to understand exactly what you need.



Involves building the foundation of the project and includes architecture design, database schema, graphics design, and test plan.



Multiple two-week sprints where collaboration between the Product Owner and Development Team produces working, demonstrable software every sprint.



Software has been fully tested, both by our QA team and your User Acceptance team, and it is time to go live!

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