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The Importance of Software Innovation

One could argue that the entire world of software is one long story of human innovation. WHo could have seen, fifty years ago, what we would have today? The devices, applications, and products that are available to the general public are indeed a wonderful example of what humans can, have, and are doing.

Software development may seem like it is on the edge of innovation by its very nature. Because it is such a fresh new field (comparatively speaking), the potential for new at times can seem boundless. Why is it even necessary to mention software innovation?

Software innovation is key to staying abreast of the world of business. It’s as simple as that.

It’s easy to throw a statement like that out there and leave it. Sometimes, that is enough, if it is self-explanatory. In most cases, it’s better to break it down into a tried and true method of explanation. Which is what we’ll do here.


Technology is moving at an unprecedented rate of speed. It’s not enough to merely keep up with it anymore; you have to keep up with the flow of new ideas and excel at what you do in order to survive. Old loopholes and niches are disappearing by the day by enterprising minds and ideas in every field and profession. This is the easy definition of innovation and completely true; however, there is much, much more.

Innovation isn’t just the biggest, newest, or brightest idea on the block. It is also a thousand tiny tweaks made to insure that the user, client, or customer has the very best experience with your product or service. It’s the extra time spent by a developer, project manager, designer, or another team member to make sure that particular aspect is just right.

Innovative results speak to the creativity and capability of your team. They drive business to new places, encourage your team, and keep things interesting for everyone. When done well, innovation results in higher engagement levels, happier employees, and better results for all.


In theory, everyone wants to discover the next big idea, a more efficient way to streamline processes, or how to implement the new feature that the product could really use. In actuality, it is much harder to accomplish these goals, particularly in a well-established company. Routine and rote are necessary in order to run a successful business. Too little and chaos begins to creep into the the average day; too much and you’ve killed innovation.  

Though it will vary from company to company, department to department, and person to person, one thing any company can do is make space for innovation. From the break area, to stand-up meetings, to informal talk, encourage the sharing of ideas and suggestions in a positive way. If the time can be afforded, schedule an occasional brainstorming session or add five minutes onto a meeting for people to throw their ideas out there.

In order to cover the less talkative or outgoing team members, consider creating a space for them to write down or share ideas. A communal whiteboard or Slack channel specifically for this purpose can facilitate participation from all the members of the team, not just the outspoken ones. Whatever methods you use, make sure that they can be categorized, discarded, and/or saved. After all, you never know when innovation will hit. It would be a pity to lose it when it comes.


Remember how innovation is not solely composed of grand, sweeping ideas and changes? Some of the best innovative tricks in the world are the small changes in how a company operates or how a service is delivered. Other times, they are changes in the business processes that free up valuable time and resources.

In order to harness the complete power of innovation, you need to cultivate a mindset that is always looking for it. For best results, it needs to be collective. It will be an uphill battle to implement, particularly if it wasn’t a founding principle from the very beginning. However, the work put into these foundations is the best way to keep innovation on your side.

Here at Swan Software Solutions, innovation, particularly software innovation, is on top of every team member’s mind or bubbling right below the surface. We strive to deliver the best of the best to each client and product we are a part of and innovation is a key factor in our performance. From bringing new ideas and products to life, to streamlining and customizing processes and beyond, we are ready to bring new ideas and  innovation to you and your team. Contact us today to learn more!

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