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Why Outsource to Ukraine

The rise of technology and communication across the globe means that outsourcing your software development could be done almost anywhere in the world. From talent next door to teams on a completely different time zone, a solution is available to everyone.

However, not all software solutions are equal. Outsourcing to India vs. outsourcing to  Ukraine will look dramatically different. Naturally, the dollar amount is what many people look at first when comparing solutions. More ‘intangible’ items, such as the country’s culture, are more briefly looked over or skimmed. This is a natural way of comparing different options.

It is worth noting that price points are always open to change; the culture, communication skills, and reputation are less so. How can you put a price on reliable communication and a shared work ethic? What are the costs of struggling with a developer who has a completely different set of holidays than you and takes them all off?

As professionals in the outsourcing world, we believe that outsourcing to eastern Europe, specifically outsourcing to  Ukraine, is one of the smartest overall choices for outsourcing needs. The reasons are widespread and varied, so we decided to stick with our top five.

Cultural Fit

Unlike many countries in Asia,  Ukraine has aligned itself with traditional Western work values. Much of the same Western media, movies and entertainment is available in  Ukraine. The culture develops around the same shared ideals and dreams, perhaps at a little slower pace. Nevertheless, these influences and operations continue on into the workforce, creating common ground for developers and companies to meet.

The importance of a common ground should not be underestimated, even though the outsourced team is not present in the same office. A common ground provides a core of understanding where the other person is coming from. This may not even be noticed, until it isn’t present. Have you considered the cultural fit of an outsourcing team?  

Quality of Work

Ukrainian developers have earned their reputation for sterling quality of work. As more companies begin or continue outsourcing to  Ukraine, the reputation grows slowly and surely. A large part of this reputation is due to the open-minded, hands-on approach many Ukrainians take to work. They tend to be actively engaged, results-oriented and challenge the status quo.

While this may seem like a drawback at times, it reduces the chance of costly mistakes being made down the road just because someone thought something was a good idea. The spirit and attitude prove an extra level of quality control and oversight, along with a drive to stay on target.

Available Talent

While some vocational schools exist in Ukraine, the majority of the developers have at least a BA, if not an MA in a related field of study. Technical universities abound in the area, providing easy access to learning and developing highly-sought after skills. And it doesn’t stop after graduation. Continuing education courses are widely available, as are IT events of all sorts.

Given these trends, the odds of finding a team of dedicated, enthusiastic developers from Ukraine are high. These people continually put time and effort into their work, both on and off their ‘jobs’. Talent, time and energy combine into a stellar workforce just waiting to be given opportunities.


It is true that English is not natively spoken in  Ukraine. Unlike in America, many different languages are widely spoken without being a native language. One of the most popular is English, which is also widely taught. People understand the advantages that speaking English brings and are anxious to tap into them.

In addition, the accent that Ukrainians bring to speaking English is clear and understandable. The value of this is easily underrated, until someone can’t understand another person. Imagine the state of meetings then!


It is true that if you just look at the price tag, outsourcing to  Ukraine is not the cheapest option. Yet the price tag does not include any guarantee of the points discussed above, nor does it tell the whole story. We believe that the price should take into account the overall value of the product.

That being said, the cost of hiring Ukrainian developers is solidly in the middle compared to other outsourcing options. It is difficult to give numbers without a project or application to tie them to, but on average, it is significantly lower than United States equivalents and compatible with other outsourced options.

Swan Software Solutions combines the best of the outsourcing to Ukraine with the benefits of a local headquarters in the United States. With thirteen years of experience behind our team, we are confident in our ability to create your outsourced solution. Contact us today to start the discovery process and begin your outsourcing journey!

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