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Bloc Architecture for Flutter Apps: Why Your App Needs It

Any developer will tell you that architecture is an essential part of developing a website, application, or other software product.

Flutter projects are no exception. A good architecture allows applications to be scalable and stable, making it much easier to write automatic tests.

Which architecture is best for the Flutter application?

It is a hotly debated issue, but there is one that dominates the market – BloC architecture. There are three reasons for this.

First of all, bloC is introduced, supported, and recommended by Google. This means that this architecture is fully supported by Flutter (that was also created by Google). BloC has a lot of official tutorials, codelabs, and solid documentation. There is no need to connect additional libraries – basic BloC is already supported by Flutter projects by default, that also a plus.

Secondly, BloC is great for dividing the business logic from the UI. It means that not only codebase will be more readable, but also this code will be easier to cover with autotest for cubit, bloCs, and states and with UI test on each platform respectively.

Lastly, BloC architecture has a stream-based approach that provides a robust way to handle asynchronous data and state changes within the app. Streams enable a reactive programming model, allowing for efficient state updates and UI changes without the need for manual handling of state changes.


In conclusion, I want to say that it is up to the team, clients, and developers to choose the architecture depending on many reasons. However, if developers need to choose architecture for a new project, BloC is an easy winner for the Flutter project.

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