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How Has the Development of Tech Evolved Major Industries Over the Years?

“There was a time when people felt the internet was another world, but now people realize it is a tool we use in this world” – Tim Berners

The Influence of Tech Development on the World

Our elderly generation has watched firsthand how technology has impacted and shifted our world. Tech integrates into our daily lives more and more each day. Fascinatingly, tech has influenced and will continue to influence the industries we work within. There is essentially no industry that has not been touched and refined by tech throughout the years. Here at Swan Software Solutions, we provide many businesses with software applications that will fulfill and evolve tech needs within their marketplaces. Let’s take a fascinating walk down memory lane to review how tech has made its’ mark on industries of all kinds.

Fascinating Ways Tech Applications Evolved FIVE Major Industries

Industry #1: Data Management

It stresses many millennials to know that once upon a time, much of businesses’ data was stored in paper format. *gasp*. Virtually all businesses now store their data over cloud servers making it convenient for employees to find information such as documents, contracts, spreadsheets, media, and ect. This has improved collaboration within teams. Here at Swan Software Solutions, cloud servers have enabled our development teams to bring applications to the market quicker.

Industry #2: Communication

Who knew 100 years ago that you could connect with someone across the world – instantly. It’s almost like the fantasy magic potions that was read about in old books. Billions of applications have been developed to accommodate the human’s need for interaction.

Industry #3: Banking

Consumers of the United States thrive on convenience. Banks have adopted innovative approaches to banking systems appealing to users. Savings and budgeting of bank accounts can now be automated. Thanks to technology advancements, users can manage their bank accounts straight from their phone without the need of a bank teller. Furthermore, bank accounts have become increasingly digitally. Numerous online stores can connect with your bank account for payments on products and services.

Industry #4: Navigation

Maps are now used more for decoration than its’ original purpose. With the introduction of the GPS, the world became a lot easier to navigate. Instead of relying on a map and your own intuition of direction, you now have a nice lady robot telling you where to turn for every step of the journey until you arrive at your destination.

Industry #5: Education 

Tech has shifted education is so many powerful ways. People can now earn a masters degree from their very own living room. According to Inside Higher ED, 1 out of every 6 college students obtain their degree from an online source.

Looking Ahead

It is clear to see that the past years have brought explosive growth to industries because of advancements made in tech. Swan Software Solutions is excited to see what applications businesses will ask us to develop to further advance the impact of tech in our world.

How have you seen tech shape the marketplace’s industries? Have you found yourself in need of development for an application that will fulfill a need within the marketplace but don’t know what the next step is? Contact us today and bring your project or idea to the SWAN Wedge Team for a FREE technical discovery roadmap of your prospective software project.

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