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What are some important parts of software development and why?

We are so proud of the team we have at Swan Software Solutions. With a large variety of skill sets, we decided to ask a few team members to share an important part of the development process and why it matters.

Three team members share their insight.


I am a QA Engineer.

I think the quality assurance layer is very important in the development process. We find bugs in our product before it’s released. After that, our programmers fix them to make it more comfortable for users to interact with.

We make our product user friendly. We also try to make it easy for users to do what they came for.

To summarize, QA engineers make sure that the product is as ready to be used by customers as possible, and that it meets its requirements.


The most important part of the development process and requirement analysis is planning. This is done by the most qualified and experienced software engineers of their organization. After gathering and analyzing requirements from the client, a scope document is generated, which consists of business requirements and project solutions.

This is followed by decision implementation, testing documentation, deployment, and support.

So, only after the scope document is created does the direction of work appear.


I’m a software developer at Swan Software Solutions.

To answer the question about the most important part of the development process, I say that the most essential are two — analysis and design.

We show we clearly understand clients’ requirements and expectations and properly transform them into a reliable and scalable solution architecture.


Swan Software Solutions creates custom solutions. We make sure every part of the development process is done well. To find out how our team can help your team with a custom solution, schedule a free assessment.

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