The thought of outsourcing your company’s software development may seem daunting, but in reality it offers numerous benefits. From a set policy of best practices, to the ability to scale up or scale down as your project necessitates, to access to a group of developers up to date with leading technologies; there really are countless benefits.

However we still haven’t mentioned the most appealing benefit of all: you’re able to get the most for your money by paying only a third of what it costs to have your development done in house while still receiving a high quality product.

How Swan Works

We leverage a fully extended agile scrum delivery model, complete with end-to-end QA integration and executive transparency reporting.

Swan is able to operate in two ways: as an extension of your existing team or as their own team within your existing business model.

In both instances our clients are the product owner and are responsible for creating their own user stories - Swan just helps transform those words on paper into functioning applications.

How Swan Bridges the ‘Offshore’ Gap

The Wedge: we provide all of the key, high-level roles that are not needed full time on the project but are essential to success. This team acts as a ‘startup’ team to ensure the project is foundationally sound - and the team continues on throughout the project, attending sprint planning and review sessions as they occur.
This team includes: Architect, Engagement Manager, Scrummaster, and QA Manager. While the time difference between the United States and Europe may appear to be a roadblock, the wedge team ensures that our customers aren’t affected by it.

About Our Rates

At Swan, our teams are blended to provide our customers with the highest level quality we are capable of. The members of each team are handpicked to create the right blend of senior level developers and mid-level developers that are able to work together effectively. And the cost of these blended teams of skilled developers are still significantly less than you’d pay for an in-house junior developer.

Other integral members of the teams - provided at no additional cost - are a Project Manager, the Architect, and QA Engineers. We feel that these individuals are an essential component of a project, and believe that our customers should not have to pay extra to ensure their project’s successful completion.

When you use Swan and our hybrid model, you can expect to save roughly 66% of what you’d pay to have a developer in-house.

Rates for Software Development in
United States vs. Eastern Europe [rate per hour]

  • analyst Business Analyst
  • architect+ Architect
  • manager Project Manager
  • develop Developer
  • qa QA
  • design Graphic Designer
  • United States
  • $100-$186
  • $180-$265
  • $130-$212
  • $95-$148
  • $70-$154
  • $72-$148
  • Swan Rates
  • included check
  • included check
  • included check
  • $55
  • included check
  • $55
  • Let's get in touch

While these rates may seem “too good to be true” they’re “affordable” because of the number of skilled technology professional that are located in the region. Due to the emphasis on technology within the educational systems skilled developers are always entering the scene.

Swan has a proven track record of delivering high quality results within each of our engagements. You aren’t sacrificing quality by bringing an outside resource as part of your team.

Keep the Focus on Value

When you outsource a software development project, you are going to save money from the start. Don’t sacrifice quality just to get the lowest cost on the market; there’s a good chance you’ll end up paying for it in the end whether that is through project delays or bad code. Instead focus on what value can be added to your project by the people you are bringing on.

Find the best, highest quality provider you are able to that boasts experience in terms of technology and expertise in the area you are looking for help. Look for a company that is a good fit with your company culture, find someone who will add value and not hold back your project in any way.

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