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Pros of Using DevOps in Swan Software Projects

DevOps is about continuous collaboration between developers and operations throughout the entire process – Design | Development | Production.

DevOps eliminates the silos between development and operations and extends Agile principles beyond the boundaries of “the code” to the entire delivered service.

Agile software development prescribes close collaboration of customers, product management, developers, and QA to fill in the gaps and rapidly iterate toward a better product…DevOps adds service delivery – how the app and systems interact are a fundamental part of the value proposition to the client.

Our Best Practices for DevOps:   

We are using Agile principles, Design and Planning, Executive Transparency Reporting, End-to-End Fully Integrated QA (including Black and White Box testing), Cloud Services Setup, Production Support and many others. We are using the best DevOps tools to accomplish our goal to deliver and support a quality product, such as BitBucket for Source Control Management, Jenkins for Continuous Integration, and TestRail for Test Documentation management. These tools all help us to be flexible to changing requirements, deliver software frequently, select the most effective methods and techniques within development, deployment and supporting of a product.

What  it means for our Customers:

  • Faster delivery of shippable features
  • Highly productive and stable operating environments
  • Improved service quality
  • Reduced deployment failures
  • Better defect detection
  • Eliminate bottlenecks due to a better designed architecture

To learn more, contact the professionals at Swan Software Solutions today. Our experts are prepared to discuss what software development process, including Devops, can do  for your development.

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