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API Testing with REST Assured

API testing has become one of the most important parts of testing. This is due to the increased number of web and mobile applications, as well as the separation between the server part and the customer interface.

Most people start development with the API part and build business logic on the backend side via API. This makes a platform much faster and more stable. REST assured is a Java library for automating API testing. It provides the ability to send requests and inspect responses from your API.

What is Rest Assured?

Rest Assured is a Java-based RESTful API library for testing. It can help provide a simple and easy way to write automation test scripts for testing your API architecture. Rest Assured supports HTTP methods like POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, PATCH, and more and can be integrated with popular testing frameworks like TestNG and JUnit.

Rest Assured Structure

The structure of Rest Assured allows you to express your API tests in a clear and concise manner, making your test suite easier to understand and maintain. It is easily adapted to the specific requirements of your business structure, and an analogy can be drawn to the Gherkin syntax. Such as given, when, and then.

What does it look like?

Bonus – Request Specification

In most cases, you need to test many APIs, but the prerequisites are the same, such as BaseUrl, parameters, and headers. To eliminate redundancy in the code, we can use RequestSpecification as the specification builder and reuse it in other tests as follows:


Rest Assured, a robust Java library designed for automating API testing, offers a comprehensive set of features. With its user-friendly DSL, developers can effortlessly create test cases. The library supports various HTTP methods and provides extensive assertion capabilities. Additionally, Rest Assured seamlessly integrates with well-known testing frameworks such as TestNG and JUnit.

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