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Common Mistakes Made by Developers–and How to Avoid Them

While to err might be human, most people prefer not to do it anyway.

Sure, a wrong turn might lead to the discovery of a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, a mistake in a recipe might lead to a delightful new one, or seeming problems in a house or property might result in special features.

But mistakes in software development are always to be avoided. We turned to our team to ask what were some common mistakes in software development — and how can they be avoided?

Their Responses

“One of the mistakes is the lack of communication between developers, QA, and the Project Manager. When requirements are not clearly defined or documented, developers may build features that don’t meet stakeholders’ expectations.” The solution is communication.

“In my experience, the most common mistakes made by developers and QA are due to inattention. To avoid such mistakes, you need to be focused on your task, so remove everything that annoys you. It helps.”

“Expecting users to do what you intended. Always try to test and predict cases to view the site from the user’s perspective. Try to predict all possible ways to interact with the website. Where they can click. What they can break.”

“From my own experience, the most common pitfall while developing is not considering each case. To avoid this mistake, developers and the QA team should communicate more. They should integrate unit and automated testing and also review pull requests.”

“For me, the most common mistake that developers and QA have done in our projects is an estimation issue… My opinion on how we can avoid it… it’s practice, practice, and once again, practice. More practice. Because when you start estimating more and more tickets, you’ll understand correctly how much time it’ll take.”

Avoiding mistakes will lead to better software. Finding the right technology partner can lead to better software without the stress. To find out more about how our team can help your team with a custom solution, schedule a free assessment.

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