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Wishing You a Wonderful Christmas and Happy Holiday Season

Most people are familiar with the tastes, the sights, and the sounds of Christmas. Perhaps the most polarizing of those three is the sounds of Christmas. Namely, Christmas carols.

While some people listen to Christmas music all year round, others turn it on as soon as Thanksgiving is over. Then there are those who dread the start of holiday music and invest in expensive earplugs to get through the season.


Like them or hate them, Christmas carols have a long and interesting history. The first song played in space? Jingle bells– which was originally a Thanksgiving song, but that’s another story. The best-selling single of all time? White Christmas.

Neither, however, are the most popular Christmas song of all time. That honor belongs to Silent Night. Artists have recorded over seven hundred versions of the song in a few decades.


Then there are the mysteries of the carols. Such as figgy pudding. While most people can probably intuit what it is, anyone who has ever tasted it might wonder why carolers are so eager to eat it.

And we can’t forget the ever-popular Twelve Days of Christmas in which a desperate person trying to buy the perfect present for their love makes increasingly bad choices. Yes, to the five golden rings and even the pear tree, but does anyone on earth really need the headache-inducing noise of twelve drummers, eleven pipers, and assorted poultry?

Fortunately, there are better options for Christmas gifts. Why not a custom software solution to make your business healthier? No messy birds. No worries about sweaters fitting. Just a custom application that’s the perfect fit and helps your business run better.

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Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season!

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