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The Basic Components of Software Development

Technology is rapidly developing and the world is increasingly becoming dependent upon it. Software development is a bustling scene and a vital ingredient in the technology we use on a day to day basis. For this reason, software development is progressively growing in demand.

If you are curious about some of the basic development components in this highly active industry, we encourage you to keep reading!

Programming Languages

When an application is being created, a developer must choose a language to write the project’s code with. Just like the languages that form our world, programming languages perform the same purpose but have a different structure and benefit. Some of these differences include code needed for web or mobile applications, frontend or backend development and so forth.

Here at Swan Software Solutions, our most-used languages are .NET, JavaScript, React Native, and more. 


Software developers must choose what systems (Macs, Androids, iOS) they want to make the application available on. Software programmers write base code on top of that platform to host their code. Platforms act as a foundation for the application.

Here at Swan Software Solutions, popular platforms include Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS and more.


Frameworks give developers a tool providing a standard pattern to build and deploy the code of an application. The framework acts as a structure that keeps code simple and consistent. A software framework is a universal, reusable software environment that provides particular functionality as part of a larger software platform to facilitate the development of software applications. Popular frameworks include Ruby on Rails, nodeJS, Angular, bootstrap and ReactJS

QA Testing

Quality Assurance (QA) is a set of activities intended to ensure that products satisfy customer requirements in a systematic, reliable fashion. At Swan Software Solutions, our entire culture is built upon QA. Everyone in the company is part of our QA team, including our executive team. The QA process is tightly integrated throughout the entire engagement process.  Code review is performed by highly experienced developers (team leads) to minimize the number of errors in the written code. All code must pass review before being tested by our QA engineers. Swan believes strongly in complete, end-to-end QA processes.


If you are interested in learning more about the fundamentals of software development, we encourage you to follow along with our blog!  Do you need help developing your next software application but don’t know what the next step is? Visit our website and contact us today for a free technical discovery roadmap to get started!

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