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Virtual Reality: Creating the Right Software to Thrive in a New Tech Space

With the prominence of Virtual Reality in the tech space being increased by Apple’s Vision Pro, creating software solutions for VR could soon become a reality. 

The first VR machines as we know them today appeared in the late 1970s. Examples such as the VIEW (Virtual Interactive Environment Workstation) headset designed by NASA were pioneers in the VR space. These early VR headsets were mainly used for CAD, medical practices, and military and flight simulation. While big and cumbersome, the technology soon developed enough to be affordable and widespread for consumers. 

From Cumbersome to Consumer Ready

Throughout the 90s and into the 2000s and early 2010s, VR headsets became more mass produced. The first major consumer headset was the Oculus Rift. Other companies such as HTC, Valve, Sony, and recently Apple have all debuted VR headsets. Popularity is growing in such headsets, with worldwide sales doubling from 2019-2023 according to Statista. 

This growth is especially apparent in the younger generation. Young people have experienced VR more, own VR headsets more, and are generally more receptive to VR. They will continue to expand the horizons of VR. 

With such an increase in demand, as well as Apple entering the space, we should expect to see an increase in the demand of VR-related services and products. One such product is, of course, custom software solutions.

Custom Software solutions are needed in VR for three reasons:

  1. VR is a new space with wide frontiers.
  2. Currently, VR is a niche market with specific needs.
  3. In the future, leveraging VR could prove to be essential to one’s business.

These custom tools can range from building systems to training truck drivers in a safer environment to creating custom spaces in the metaverse. All of these brilliant ideas will need successful implementation, requiring custom solutions to suit their individual needs. 

Let’s use an example. A host has an excellent vision for what he would like to serve to his guests, but without a chef to make his idea into an actual dish, the guests will go home hungry. The same thing applies for custom software: the client is the host, and he knows that he really wants to use VR for his project to make his customers happy. The client needs a chef (software developer) to put his ideas into actual programming. 

Because Virtual Reality will be a key technology in the technology space in the near future, it’s important to start thinking about how your business will enter this groundbreaking space. 

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