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What is a PWA?

Anyone who surfs the Internet has certainly seen the term “Progressive Web Application” or PWA, but what does that mean? PWA is an application software delivered through the web. It is built using common web technology services, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Let’s look at what differentiates PWA’s from the classic web page!

PWA Pros

Progressive Web Applications have tried to steal the spotlight from both applications and websites. 

All modern PWA’s provide phone users with the same experience as mobile apps. In fact, PWA’s are typically better than mobile apps. They can run in web browsers and live on your home screen. 

It’s hard to get work done when your internet goes in and out. PWA’s allow you to work offline, which is extremely beneficial, especially to those who have experienced an internet crash.

PWA Cons

Just like anything else, Progressive Web Apps do have their limitations. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • They aren’t usable if the app needs to interact with native APIs (camera, contact list, etc.) 
  • They don’t optimize well for all mobile browsers 
  • It may cause problems when you try to log in using cross-application apps (Google, Facebook, etc.)

Why are they so popular nowadays?

Every year, mobile traffic gets more users than desktop. Phone users typically look for speed and flexibility. Modern PWA’s provide both of these and allow the users the ability to receive push notifications if they want. 

From a developer’s standpoint, PWA usually takes less time to code. According to the latest research, it saves about 75% (cost-wise) compared to a native app.

Modern progressive web apps include Instagram, Pinterest, and Spotify – all of which have done extremely well.

Even though PWA’s do not carry all of the hardware that a native app does, PWA’s are extremely efficient. They provide most of the capabilities that an app has without worrying about the effort an app requires. For example:

  • PWA’s don’t require constant updates
  • Coding is easier 
  • Better internet connectivity 
  • There’s a faster response time
  • And reduced download time compared to an app

Are you interested in transitioning a site to a PWA or even creating a site with a PWA? Contact us and we’ll get you set up with a free custom application!

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