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Wishing You a Merry Christmas from Swan Software Solutions

No matter how one decorates, at the center of most Christmas decor is the Christmas tree.

Not everyone trees the same way, however.

Some go for the ease of an artificial tree. No mess. Forget watering. No awkward bald patch that needs to be hidden by a nest of tinsel. The selection of fake trees does not end with trees that mimic real ones. Some artificial trees are silver, pink, or even multi-colored

Others eschew the dull and smell-less perfection of these artificial trees. Instead, they head in search of a real tree to brighten up their homes. Although, even those who agree that real trees are the way to go might disagree on whether it is a fir, spruce, or pine that deserves to be the centerpiece of their holiday decorating.

The History of the Tree

While many ancient cultures shared a fascination with evergreens, Germany put the tree into Christmas. Famous reformer Martin Luther was walking home at night when he was struck by the glory of the twinkling stars. He returned home and shared the effect with his family by wiring candles to a tree.

Others credit Boniface for the advent of the Christmas tree.

Although the actual origins remain uncertain, most people agree that the evergreen quality represents the immortality of Christ, and the triangle shape of the tree represents the Trinity. Others point out that the lights represent Jesus as the Light of the World.

It wasn’t until the 1800s that the tradition of having a Christmas tree caught on in America. Before this, Christmas was a solemn occasion. Frivolity was frowned upon, and in some places, even punished.

Queen Victoria celebrated Christmas with a tree. When a sketch was made and published with the royals around their Christmas tree, the popularity of the custom soared in both Britain and America.

Unique Trees

While most are probably content with an average tree or two, some people find inspiration to go a step further.

One company decided to create a Christmas tree completely out of television sets. Japan created a unique tree out of lasers. Still, others find their uniqueness in their decorations, such as the tree decked in technological gadgets.

The Ginza Tanaka Golden Christmas Tree, worth close to two million dollars

While a tree made of TVs is expensive, it has nowhere close to the value of the world’s most expensive Christmas trees. Although they range from a small tree decorated in diamonds to a tree created from expensive cognac to a large tree dripping in crystals, none approach the value of the most expensive tree in the world.

Created by a hotel in Abu Dhabi, this most expensive tree in history was worth over 11 million dollars — with its value coming from the expensive decorations rather than the tree itself.

Merry Christmas

Regardless of how you choose to have — or not have — a Christmas tree, Swan Software Solutions wishes you a blessed holiday season. And if the perfect custom solution is on your Christmas list, contact us for a free assessment of how we can make it a reality.

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