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Key Factors in the Quality of Software Development: Teams and Languages

Today, “modern programming” is a complex process of finding and implementing certain solutions and commands into a combination of a number and components.
The need for programming is derived from the market’s common goal; to create a decent, competitive product that can satisfy customer needs, ensure trouble-free operation, and fulfill all the requirements assigned to it. Here at Swan Software Solutions, we believe that there are two key factors that are required to deliver a high-quality application in software development. 

Team Effort

The modern development process of a well-rounded application relies heavily on the integration and performance of the team designing and building it.  A team is a harmonious organism. Everyone comprised in it has a common goal.  They communicate regularly. Everyone knows what they are responsible for and helps others. Furthermore, the customer knows at what stage the development is and how the project is progressing. They are directly involved in the life of the project to make timely changes, suggestions, requirements. Everyone involved- developers, architects, designers, – are in constant interaction with one another in order to deliver an application that will stand out among their competitors.

Programing Language 

One of the fundamental factors in the success of a product is the choice of programming language. The correct choice allows software developers to make and apply the most optimal decisions. Programming languages are constantly being improved upon by revamping the performance and usability, reducing the amount of code, as well as making updates to keep up with the modern world. 

The most popular languages are:

Java the most popular programming language in the world. Almost everything is written in Java: desktop and mobile applications, games, and complex software products.

JavaScript is used in front-end development. It is written pages and blocks with animation and many other dynamic decorations. 

C #  was created by Microsoft to develop applications based on the .NET framework, including games and applications for desktop and mobile. 

PHP is the most popular language for web developers. They write CMS and additions to the server side of the sites on it. It currently employs more than 2/3 of all online resources, from small business cards to the largest social networks.

Python is used in web services and in the development of application programs, including gaming. They write neutron networks, software for analysis of BigData and developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

C ++ is often used for writing kernel code. Many of the modern programming tools are created on the syntax of this language

The top new products are:
Swift  was developed by Apple for creating iOS applications. 

Go is a modern programming language with Google behind it. The main feature of this language is the simplicity of solving multitasking issues. It is easy to read, easy to learn and use.

TypeScript is created to work with web applications, provides greater security and enhances JavaScript.

Kotlin is the language for writing programs for Android. It is supported by Google, so it is possible that soon applications for Android devices will be written exclusively to Kotlin.


If you are interested in diving deeper into the fundamentals of programming, then be sure to check out the rest of our blog! 

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