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Six Advantages of Node.js

Node.js is a software platform. It is also called the JS runtime environment. It can communicate with external libraries, call commands from code, and perform the role of a web server. To explain it more simply, this tool adds a back-end part to a fully front-end language. It allows one to create not only websites, but also full-fledged applications with its help, without the use of a browser.

Like JavaScript, Node starts in V8. This is a runtime environment that translates what is written by a web developer into machine code — a set of direct instructions for a computer that do not require interpretation. Thus, the low-level code becomes fast and convenient for machine recognition.

The Advantages of Node.js

1. Ability to use one language on the client and server side. If a programmer has mastered JavaScript, it will be easier for him or her to learn an “add-on” than a radically different technology.

2. General code. There is not much code used both on the client and on the server side, but it is present. The main thing is to understand that often objects with the same names can perform completely different functions in the browser and on the backend.

3. Speed. The first stage, when the programmer forms the backbone of the future product, passes very quickly. If the architecture is well thought out, then in the future, there will be no difficulties in expanding the site on Node JS either.

4. Constant development of the ecosystem. The number of ready-made modules and external libraries constantly grows, which is facilitated by the use of npm.

5. V8 engine. It consumes memory economically, is well optimized, and provides functionality for profiling the processor and memory.

6. Asynchrony. Node.js has async libraries. This is very useful because Node.js servers don’t have to wait for an API to send a response and move on to the next API.

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