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The Mature Student’s Guide to Career Reinvention

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard that nagging voice telling you it’s too late to switch careers or explore passions. Allow me to challenge that notion.

When I decided to venture into coding, I was nearing the age of 40. My background mainly consisted of system administration and running a retail shop. Not your typical path to app development, right? My love for the Android world led me to enroll in an Android development course started by a local mobile development company.

Picture this; I found myself discussing concepts like inheritance, classes, and objects, with students half my age. It felt like being thrust into a science class in a foreign language. Despite the challenges, I persevered, tackled the jargon, and ended up excelling in the course! That’s how I’ve got my first trainee offer from the company behind the course.

Take that, ageism!

And now, 10 years later, I still love every single bit of Android development, fascinated by the challenges to tackle and people to meet. The journey hasn’t been without its bumps, though. There were times when I felt like an imposter, surrounded by prodigies who seemed to grasp concepts effortlessly. But I learned to embrace my unique perspective and leverage my life experiences to bring a fresh outlook to problem-solving.

Furthermore the changing landscape of the tech industry ensures that there is always something to discover igniting a sense of passion within me. I have been fortunate enough to guide newcomers who mirror myself. It is truly gratifying to pass on knowledge and inspire others to take risks.

The key takeaway?

It is never too late to start fresh. Your aspirations are not limited by job paths or age brackets. Redirecting your career journey on your terms is achievable with courage, excitement and a willingness to appear vulnerable by asking “questions, a habit I often engage in… And continue to do so 😉

Embrace uncertainties, learn from missteps and, above all, maintain faith in yourself. The world presents opportunities for us to grasp regardless of our age or background. Therefore venture forth.

Pursue those ambitions!

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