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What Is Java and What Is It Used For? – Java for Beginners

What is Java? 

Java is a programming language and programming platform designed to allow software developers to write the code for applications in English instead of numeric codes. It is a highly used programming language because it can be read and written by humans. Once an application has been written in Java, the English instructions are translated into numeric codes that computers can understand and execute. 

What is Java used for?

Java was designed to function as a simpler C ++ programming language. It encompasses an object-oriented programming model in which programs are organized around data rather than functions and logic. Java allows software programmers to write the code for an application once and apply it to several different applications. For example, a programmer can write code for a desktop application and apply it to a mobile application which uses different operating systems and servers.

The Advantages of Using Java in the Development of Your Next Application

Because Java has been around for so long (23 years) many large businesses in all industries use Java to build their applications. As more and more programming languages are introduced, Java consistently increases in use. Let’s look at some of the advantages when using Java in the development of a software application.


Java allows users to write programs that perform many functions simultaneously. Multithreading in the programming world enables users to create threads of codes that carry out multiple tasks.


At this very moment, you most likely have multiple apps on your phone that were developed using Java. Because of how Java is constructed, anyone can safely download Java applications free from viruses.

Java achieves this protection by confining a Java program to the Java execution environment and by making it inaccessible to other parts of the computer.

Easy to Learn

Because Java is widely used when developing software programs, many learning resources are available for users.

Simple and Intuitive:

Because Java is designed with the functions of an object-oriented programming language, users have found Java to be simple and easy to use. Java provides a small number of clear keywords to achieve a given task. This is unlike many other programming systems. Many provide dozens of complicated ways to achieve one task.

Java continues to climb in popularity showing no sign of decline in popularity. Do you have experience using Java? Let us know in the comments.

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