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How Hackers are like Fishermen

If there’s snow outside, most of us will take the time to put on a jacket and boots. Before we drive our new car, we’re probably purchasing insurance and contemplating wrapping the vehicle in bubble wrap. A business owner wouldn’t dream of leaving his store without locking the doors.

When it comes to cybersecurity, many of us don’t realize that we should be even more careful. A hacker taking control of your website can mean the difference between a profitable day or the destruction of your business.

Like fishermen, hackers work in many ways.

We’ve all heard of phishing. Like a fly fisherman, a hacker uses legitimate-looking material, but clicking can compromise your information.

Some hackers are like fishermen who use a net. The net is an automated tool that allows them to cast a wide net searching web applications or websites for vulnerabilities.

Another group is more like harpooners. They target one website to hack.

At times, the hack is about stealing data, but it could also be about embedding malware. That’s like a fisherman electronically tagging a fish, so he can follow them back to their buddies at sea.

Many people don’t know what to do about improving the security of their business online, but you can find a company that does. At Swan Software Solutions, we have a team monitoring alerts to guarantee that hackers don’t succeed in destroying our clients’ businesses.

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