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Happy New Year!

Although any moment can mean the start of a new habit or resolution, most people choose January 1st to commence a change. Around half of all Americans choose the date as the magic portal that will leave them healthier, happier, better off, or cigarette-free.

Sadly, people will abandon one quarter of these resolutions by the second week of January. 80% of people will have dropped them by the second week of February.

The Origin of Resolutions

The practice of making New Year’s Resolutions originated thousands of years ago with the Babylonians. Their year, however, didn’t begin on January first as the modern calendar does. Instead, the Babylonians made resolutions–basically promises to their pagan gods in order to stay on their good sides–in March when crops were planted.

Julius Ceasar is credited with fiddling about with the calendar and creating the one we know today. January 1st then became the first day of the year. Humans rolled their resolution-making forward, and the rest is history.

Success and Failure

Only about 8% of people keep their resolutions, but people continue to make them in spite of the high failure rate. The reason for the extreme likelihood of failure is that most resolutions involve grandiose plans for a complete overhaul of one’s life or habits.

Those that do succeed in keeping their resolution generally do so by creating small, practical resolutions. Instead of “I will lose fifty pounds and pay off all my debts,” they are more likely to choose a resolution such as “I will eat dessert one less time a week and pay down debt by a small increment every week.” By creating a manageable change, these resolution-makers have a greater chance of success.

Many of these resolutions involve either physical wellbeing or financial health. From exercising to getting out of debt, people want the new year to make them better people.

Whether you make resolutions or not, there’s one we can help you keep. If you’d like a healthier business or to start one, Swan Software Solutions can create applications to help you succeed. If you’d like to discover how we can help, contact us.

And have a Wonderful New Year!

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