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How Developers Test a Payment Gateway System

The world economy is ever-evolving. As consumers continue to seek out their desired products online, companies must keep up with the demand. As e-commerce grows, companies are needing newer applications to provide their customers with the best user experience possible. A major part of these e-commerce projects are Payment Gateway Systems. A payment gateway is an e-commerce service that encrypts and authorizes payment information, while reliably transmitting this information between a buyer and a seller. It is vitally important for the system to work properly, due to the sensitive nature of the data being used.

Testing a payment gateway, unlike testing other applications, requires rigorous planning and great care, as it involves testing various aspects such as security, connection to web services, authorization, and encryption of data.

Types of testing

Depending on the payment carrier and product/app, the following types of tests may be required.

Functional testing. Functional testing is required to verify that the application is behaving properly when processing orders.

Integration testing. Important for integration with payment gateways. Quality Assurance needs to make sure that the integration of the website and online-store applications are up to date with the chosen payment gateway.

Performance testing. Ensuring that the application performs is important. A payment processor should not return an error when multiple users attempt to complete transactions at the same time.

Security Testing. During the transaction, the customer provides personal information, credit card number, CVV number, etc. The application must securely store sensitive data.

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