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Meet Andrey: A Developer Who Dreams of Adopting an Unusual Pet

Andrey’s favorite part of working at Swan is the good team workers on his project. Andrey is a full-stack developer and can code in Rails, Vue, and React.

His main responsibility is to develop full-stack web applications using modern tools and libraries. When asked what the most important trait of a software developer is, Andrey responded, “For me, the most important developer’s trait is flexibility of the mind. As your knowledge grows over time, you probably can do any task better than a month ago.”

He chose his career because he can be an artist without the need to have drawing or painting skills. Instead, code is his art medium.

He used his coding skills for good when he volunteered to help with an open-source project. He plans to volunteer on the same project again.

Off the Job

Andrey has many hobbies that keep him busy when he’s not programming. He spends time with friends, watches films, explores, and enjoys new music.

He’s not much of a sports fan, although he does enjoy racing.


One inspirational quote that speaks to Andrey is “Carpe Diem.” Why? “Because no one should hesitate to try something new.”

One new experience Andrey has determined to have is the adoption of an unusual pet. A fox!

We’re happy Andrey is a part of the team here at Swan Software Solutions. To discover more about how our team can help your team with a custom solution, contact us!

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