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Four Reasons Why You Should Choose Ruby

At Swan Software Solutions, we have developers skilled in a wide range of programming languages. Today, Nikita explains why he chose to specialize in Ruby.

How did I choose Ruby?

At university, we learned a bunch of programming languages such as Pascal, C\C++, Java, and Lisp. In the last course, we started to learn Python. But I had already realized that I wanted to dedicate my life to Ruby.

Why did I fall in love with Ruby?

This programming language has many benefits:

1) A high speed of development – Projects on Ruby are good analogs for PHP, Python, or Java as myself and my colleagues have confirmed. It is based on the technical features of the framework architecture and development tools — command-line tools and allocators, ready-made libraries, add-ons, and modules.

2) High reliability and maintainability of solutions – In this case, the TDD (test-driven development) approach is usually used, and the tools support extensive testing feasibility, which makes the created solutions more stable and maintainable. The functionality of the framework itself is also covered with automated tests, which makes its use really reliable – you can be sure that nothing will break. I believe this component is extremely important for business.

3) Scalability and runtime performance – The framework is made for the development of applications on which high availability requirements are imposed. Rails applications are perfectly deployed and run in server clusters or in the clouds’ environment. For web services, this is a very important criterion, because they must have a serious uptime and a good speed of work in order to be efficient and attractive for users.

4) Implementation of complex business logic – The conventions of coding based on Rails allow you to write really understandable program code, which is later easier to maintain and modify within an adequate deadline.

Do I doubt my choice? No, I don’t. I like this programming language. I hope you are also interested in Ruby on Rails after having read this article.

Ruby is only one of the programming languages used by our team at Swan Software Solutions. To find out more, or discover what programming language might be best for your project, contact us!

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