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Why Should Your Development Team Use Repository Management Systems? – GitBucket & Bitbucket Advantages

It is no secret that the world is run by technology. Numerous teams are learning how to adapt and collaborate in a digital world. Swan Software Solutions has mutiple offices throughout Eastern Ukraine. Because of this, we have learned how to integrate digital best practices into every area of our operations and processes in order to ensure productive collaboration transpires.

In order to create great applications, team members must keep their code in sync. A robust repository management system can go a long way in helping development teams stay aligned with one another’s tasks. These systems store all of the application’s code in one secure place. 

Today, repository management systems are key components in collaborative software development. They enable software developers to manage changes to the source code and related files, as well as create and maintain multiple versions of updates in one central place. 

Repository management systems enable teams to move faster and preserve efficiency as they scale up. Here at Swan Software Solutions, we use BitBucket and GitHub as our repository management systems.

Why Do We Use Bitbucket?

Bitbucket is a great tool for productive collaborative coding. Teams choose Bitbucket because simplicity is the key focus and driving factor of this tool. Teams find it very easy to use.

Let’s look at some advantages of using Bitbucket in the development of your application.

Workflow Control:  When a new Bitbucket repository is created, the owner may grant different levels of access to their team members – much like Google Drive. This ensures that each team member is aware of what is being worked on without having been given access to edit the written code.

Code Reviews for New Updates: A great code review system will tremendously help a team meet the high expectations they have set for the performance of that application. Bitbucket allows for newly updated code to be reviewed through manual and automatic tests when merged with the existing code.

Jira Integration: Jira is a widely used collaboration system providing bug tracking within an application. The great thing about Bitbucket is that it is integrated with Jira. This allows teams to streamline their collaboration.

Great Interface: Bitbucket was designed to simplify the development of applications for teams. For this reason, their interface is extremely straightforward and easy to use.

Great Pricing: Bitbucket is affordable, with small teams (up to 5 users) being able to use the service for free. For the detailed pricing plans, you can check out the Bitbucket pricing page here.

Why Do We Use GitHub?

GitHub gives our teams one place to plan projects, collaborate on code as well as test and deploy code with code repositories. GitHub has helped us tremendously to streamline all the different areas of an application each of our team members individually work on.

Let’s look at some of our favorite advantages of using GitHub in the development of applications.

Task Management: GitHub provided teams with basic task management tools and workflows for projects.

Forking: GitHub allows users to copy repositories they do not have access to on another user’s account and modify it under their own account. When they make changes, they can send a notification called a “pull request” to the original owner. That user can then, with the click of a button, merge the changes. 

Great Customer Service: GitHub has exceptional customer service for users. They have created numerous articles and helpful materials for anyone creating a new Git repository. 

Commenting: GitHub allows teams to comment within the written code without applying that logic/programming to the application. 

Bitbucket and GitHub help our development teams carry out our best practices enabling us to deploy great code for our client’s applications. Do you have experience using repository management systems? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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