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The Dance that Takes you from Software Concept to Creation

When it comes to software development, taking your idea from concept to creation is a bit like dancing. Some clients choose the quickstep, and others prefer the slower tempo of the waltz.

No matter how fast you move through the steps, the process will remain the same.

  1. Lead. This is the step where the client and Swan’s eyes meet across the metaphorical ballroom. Is there a possibility we might work together?
  2. Swan and the client will chat as we both decide that, yes, we would like to attempt the next dance together.
  3. In the next stage, more people join the dance party and a meeting is set with the client. The team and client discuss the project and ascertain that if Swan and the client dance together, we won’t be stomping on each other’s feet.
  4. The dance begins as assessments are done. Discussions are had. Preliminary plans are made.
  5. Next comes the proposal. Swan offers information on budget, the project’s timeline, and assessments. This might include a few spins as Swan and the client negotiate their individual needs.
  6. With all that spinning done, Swan creates a definitive document with all terms included — team, payments, deliverables, delivery times, and assessments. There might be a little more spinning here, but then both sides sign the contract.
  7. With the contract signed, the dance of going from conception to contract concludes with a thrilling flourish.

Choosing to have software custom-made for your business can be as scary as trying to dance for the first time. But with the right partner, software development — and waltzing — doesn’t have to be terrifying.

If you’re looking for the right partner to help create software for your business, contact us here.

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