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Using Vue.js in the Development of Your Single-Page Applications

Vue.js is a relatively new framework classified as progressive when compared to similar frameworks of today. It is designed to be compatible with several other libraries, meaning it is quite simple to integrate with a wide variety of existing projects. Because of this, Vue.js is capable of easily collaborating with other programming tools and libraries to produce powerful single-page applications. Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits of using Vue.js in your development process.


1. The Successful Symbiosis of the Advantages of React and Angular

Vue.js was created with an eye to the best practices of Angular and React. For example, the Vue team borrowed the idea of a virtual DOM from React.js. This approach minimizes interactions with real interface nodes. From Angular, Vue borrowed two-way data binding, that allows you to design declarative interfaces and use Vue in template engines, such as Pug or Slim.

2. Truly Progressive Framework

According to the creator of Vue.js; “Progressive framework means that it can be used as a library or as a framework of your choice.” Essentially, Vue.js has parts that allow you to develop large difficult applications (CLI, router, Vuex), but it is not necessary to use them if they are not required. 

3. Lightweight

The Vue.js core contains only the necessary functionalities when loading the application’s interface. This decreases page loading time, increases positive experiences for the user, provides better search ranking, and etc.

4. High Development Speed

Due to its simplicity, Vue.js integrates easily with other technologies. It is gaining popularity and already has many useful libraries that solve most of the problems developers come across.

More and more developers and application owners are using Vue.js to streamline the development of their apps. Do you have experience using the framework? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Don’t even know where to begin when it comes to developing your custom application? Contact us and bring your idea to us for a FREE software assessment

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