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Cyber-Attacks, and How to Protect Your Mobile Apps Against Them

To defend against cyber-attacks, an organization must always make sure to implement a protective system against cyber-attacks, before coding begins. In other words, why not just set yourself up for success from the very beginning. A lack of cybersecurity protection can result in millions of dollars down the drain. Within the U.S. the average cost for a data breach within a company is $8.19 million.

Every individual and organization desires to keep their personal information personal. However, you can’t do this if the technologies you are using aren’t structured well enough to do the job safely and securely.

Things like leakage, cluttered systems, broken code, etc., cause unwanted vulnerability. So to avoid mishaps, hire a professional.


Even though you may not experience a traumatic loss of information, you should still be aware that frauds can use this information. As we all know, they can even go as far as impersonating individuals, by creating and then using fake accounts and profiles.

Due to this issue, you want to (again) make sure that you are implementing a security plan for your app (or whatever project that your company is working on) right away. If you haven’t done so already, you might consider creating security best practices with your development team. Doing so will keep you and your team above reproach and on guard for cyber-attacks from the very start.


Another pro tip: make sure to write “hard code” so that vulnerabilities are not present. A lack of such safeguards makes it easy for hackers to alter and wedge in unwanted code. We recommend you and your team stay consistent with the upkeep, as well as knowledge of upgrades, and changes within your project. This will help to prevent damage.

You may consider using a tamper detection technique. This is an ability within a device, which allows the device to implement a defensive maneuver.

Always make sure to use an authorized API, as opposed to an unauthorized one. When using a third-party API, make sure to take cautionary actions as they are highly recommended. Make sure to also implement a central authorization system as well.

Lastly, run testing frequently to ensure there aren’t any problematic areas within the system. Only certain people should have access to the code, thus keeping it more secured and stable. Your groups of development and security professionals should stay on top of this.

The “Key” to unlocking data

Make sure to use encrypted data so that stealing user information is as difficult as possible. Using encrypted data helps to ensure that you’ll be the only one seeing that data. In other words, when using encrypted data, you have what is referred to as the “key” to “unlocking” this data. You or those within your company are the only ones with this key. Encrypted data prevents hackers from taking information that you want/need to keep private.

Every 39 seconds, someone is experiencing cyber attacks. Which means that their personal/company information is being stolen. Swan Software Solutions can help prevent these events from occurring. Is your company prepared for the worst?

Contact us today to find out more about how to keep your valuable information safely and conveniently stored.

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