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Developers Shouldn’t Have to Fly Solo – Swan’s Approach to Outsourcing Developers

At Swan Software Solutions, our team consists of over 100 software developers who all have their own expertise in a specific software development technologies such as .Net, React.js, Node.js, Jenkins and the list goes on. 

We believe that outsourcing your development should simplify things, not complicate them. But oftentimes when you outsource your developers, you get just that – a developer. Who’s going to provide the management, the quality assurance, the architect personnel? At Swan, with every developer you hire, a wedge team comes along to support the code that the developer writes for your project.

What is the Wedge Team?

Here’s an interesting fact about Swan’s namesake: when swans migrate, they fly in a wedge formation. As it turns out, they do this in part because it increases their efficiency over long flights. Each swan literally creates an upwash of air with its wings that in turn lifts the bird behind it—the reason military aircraft adopt this same formation. Even more fascinating, swans have a natural ability to sync this behavior, adjusting their own flight variations to those of the bird in front of them. They’re experts at flight, and it shows in the intuitive way they compensate for the changes the sky throws at them.

Whether in business or in flight, there is a big difference between knowing you want to head toward a specific goal and leveraging your resources to actually get there. So in order to create a streamlined development experience, we took a cue from real swans and created the Wedge team. 

The Swan Wedge acts as an oversight and management team who come alongside our developers to help them deploy quality code for our clients. 

Who Does the Wedge Team Consist of?

The Swan Wedge is there to ensure that when you hire developers, you don’t find your organization taking on a variety of extra management roles. Instead, the Wedge oversees the development and shares a bird’s-eye view with you, so you can feel confident about the journey as it unfolds.

The wedge team consists of an Architect, Project Manager, and QA Manager who all support the developer as they write code for your company’s applications.

Let’s take a look at how these individual team members contribute their role to the success of the wedge team:

Architect: The software architect designs and supervises the end product or solution of an application optimizing the user’s experience.

Project Manager: The Project Manager works directly with the client to make sure that the project and development glide along smoothly.

QA Engineer: The QA (Quality Assurance) Engineer reviews the performance of the developer’s code through continuous manual and automatic testings. This ensures that the end application runs as it should.

At Swan, you can add a skilled developer, QA Engineer, Project Manager, and software architect to your team for a combined price of $45 per hour! Contact us today for a free assessment of your project or idea.

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