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Meet Olexii, a QA Engineer Working at Swan Software Solutions

Working for Swan has been a privilege. My name is Olexii, and I’m a QA Engineer. I’ve worked for Swan, in our Uzhgorod office, for about 9 months now!

At Swan

What are a few of your responsibilities at Swan?

My job responsibilities as a QA Engineer include gathering product requirements, customizing testing processes, reporting product quality, and producing the highest quality product for the customer. I am also very proficient in the “making happy customers department”.

What is your favorite part about working with Swan?

I’d say that, by far, my favorite aspect of working for Swan is the opportunity it provides to work in an environment with a big friendly team of professionals.


What is one of your proudest accomplishments?

We received great feedback from our customers after creating a framework that was easy to receive direct comprehension of, and I’d have to say that this project, would be one of my proudest accomplishments since the beginning of my career. It entailed a built-in part for Accessibility, UI, functionality, and API testing and reporting.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Walking on this particular career path has been a great experience. As a result of finding a career and company that I love, I can imagine myself on the same career path with the same company 5 years down the road. I personally believe that Swan is one of the best IT companies in Ukraine.

It allows me the ability to work on solving complex and interesting tasks, which I thoroughly enjoy. I hope to continue to rank up in my field.

Personal interests

What are some of your favorite activities?

When not working, you’ll probably find me with friends, on a hike, riding a bike, walking my dogs along our favorite river path, etc.

I really enjoy learning about different technologies in the IT-sphere, with the intention to use them on real projects. Specifically, by introducing them to Swan’s processes.

Cars and motor racing have always interested me, and I love learning about them. I have found a genuine interest in various racing competitions, and love keeping up with various automotive schools around the world.

Favorite vacation?

While touring in Budapest, Hungary, and Vienna, Austria, we learned so many interesting facts about the history of these amazing countries. I’d have to say these trips really left an impact on me, making them my favorite vacations thus far.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know one of our QA Engineers! Interested in working with Olexii or one of our other talented team members? Contact us today for a free assessment of your custom application!

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