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Is Flutter Only for Business Apps?

Is Flutter only for business apps?

Of course not!

Welcome to Flutter Casual Games Toolkit.

There are a lot of business needs while developing an app.

One is the addition of minigames to an app or developing some simple game applications to involve more people in products or services. So, what happens if a business needs a casual game but is not interested in full-scale game development? The solution is to use Flutter and Flutter Casual Games Toolkit.

Let’s take a closer look at it.

Flutter Casual Games Toolkit is an open-source, free, and multiplatform 2D game development kit.  Since it is free and open source, developers have fine-grained control over the business game’s rendering and input-handling logic. This allows one to debug issues at their core and customize the engine to his or her needs.

Flutter’s openness also extends to our ecosystem. All Flutter plugins and packages are also available for integration at no cost. This is great for companies and businesses that need game applications that are used as advertisements or additional features to their main product and don’t consider game apps as a source of income.

Also, the Flutter Casual Games Toolkit has special tools to integrate in-app purchases. If a client decides to monetize the application, it can be done in no time. 

Flutter Casual Games Toolkit has a lot of features that are essential for modern game apps

Developers can easily add achievements and leaderboards to an app, use standard authentications through social networks, integrate Google AdMob and Ad Manager to monetize the app by showing players some ads, crush reports, and support multiplayers.

However, the main feature of Flutter Casual Games Toolkit is Flame Engine – a 2D Game Engine that is flexible, open source, and runs everywhere. It is an easy-to-use engine built for Flutter developers that don’t have experience in building games. If one needs to add game elements to an existing Flutter project, a Flutter team can with minimum difficulty.

So, in conclusion, if your business needs a simple 2D game application or needs to add a game part to an existing Flutter project – Flutter Casual Games Toolkit is a way to go! It is easy, scalable, and free so your business can use the app as an instrument that can make your business grow and not a monthly budget killer.

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