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Why You Should Seize the Opportunity to Use .NET 5.0

At Swan Software Solutions, we employ developers skilled in a variety of programming languages. Vasyl works as a .NET developer. His responsibilities include fixing bugs in existing projects, implementing new functionality, and providing quality support. He enjoys the interesting projects at Swan and working with a great team. Today, he shares why he is excited about .NET 5.0.

Why should you use it?

Before releasing it, .NET 5.0 was already being used by Microsoft teams. It’s proven to be stable and reduces hosting costs. Plus, it gives you great performance results! 


The performance is by far one of the greatest advantages of .NET 5.0. The speed is 3 times faster! They rewrote the garbage collector (GC) in C# and made changes related to JIT compilation and async operation. As a result, it has an incredible performance rate. 


Along with .NET 5.0 came C#9, which has useful features regarding writing code more easily — such as record types, init keyword, and extended source generators. The language itself is a benefit in upgrading to .NET 5.0. 

Other tools

Microsoft upgraded specific features. Many of the changes are on desktop development – the cross-platform desktop is only accessible using .NET 6. Another tool called Blazor is better for web development and it’s now a production-ready technology. If you use WPF, WinForms, or Blazor you will not be disappointed with the new release. 


Migration is simple to use, unlike .NET 2.2-3.1. To eliminate potential pitfalls, just change the version number in your project file. The only problems you might encounter are if you’re using Blazor. As a result, migration is the most user-friendly if you use .NET Core 3.1. 


To sum it all up, you should upgrade your application to .NET 5.0 because of the performance advantages you’ll get. The language features are a great bonus if you choose to upgrade now! 

We appreciate Vasyl taking the time to share why he loves .NET 5.0. We are proud of our team at Swan.

If you’d like to discover how our team can help your business by creating custom solutions, contact us to get a free project assessment! 

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