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The Wisdom of Using Source Code Management

Although we may have heard the term Source Code Management, we might not know what it means. What exactly is it, and how does it change the way software developers work? We can’t fully explore the subject, but we can cover the basics of what it is, how it’s helpful, and why it’s a bit like baking a cake.

What is Source Code Management?

Imagine you are making a huge cake in collaboration with a bunch of other people. Many different components and many different people working on each component could lead to massive confusion — especially if each of those individuals is taking the cake out of the kitchen to work on it. If eighteen chefs added the salt to the batter, the result would be a salty disaster. If one cook flavored the filling with lemon and another added peanut butter… Let’s agree that probably wouldn’t be a celebration for the tastebuds.

So what does baking a cake have to do with Source Code Management? Source Code Management is the concept of storing source code for software applications in an organized, central location. Each time a developer takes a part of the cake — er, program, out of the kitchen, Source Code Management not only tracks the changes they make, but also keeps backups in case the need arises to revert to a previous version.

What are the advantages of Source Code Management?

  1. Collaboration is easier.
  2. The platform stores a history of all changes.
  3. Teamwork is more efficient. 
  4. A code backup system eliminates the risk of lost work. 

In short, if we could use Source Code Management to bake, all those baking disaster shows would disappear.

Swan uses a system called GIT to help create a great product in an organized and timely manner.

Some features of GIT we find most useful are that anyone can look over, make comments, and suggest improvements. Team members can lock their work, which prevents mistakes. Developers can work from a local copy, and the code can automatically be scanned for quality. 

A centralized server, storing all of the required code in one place, creates an organized process that enables us to work in a smart and organized way. Whether someone is creating complicated code or baking an elaborate cake, working in the wisest way possible leads to better results.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Swan can use these practices to create your project, please contact us today! 

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